The results of the 2017 All Japan Tui-Shou Championships

The results of the CPL world family players of the All Japan Tui-Shou Championships held yesterday are as foll …

Classic Yan Style 85 TaijiQuan. Performed by Chen Fu Zhongwen.

Classic Yang Style Taijiquan 85 form. Performed by Chen Fu Zhongwen.

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We have our site , recently communist China has more strict policy about their “G …

Chen Pan Ling’S Style Taiji Quan. Performed by Chen Yun QIng.

Chen Pan-Ling’s taijiquan 99 form. 第一段第一節 第一勢 渾元椿 第二勢 開太極 第三勢 上步打擠 第四勢 右琵琶式 第五勢 攬雀尾 第六勢 斜單鞭 第七勢 左右搬攔 第八勢 提手上勢 …

99式太極拳 陳金寶師爺  99 taiji by Chen JIn Bao

99式太極拳 陳金寶師爺  Performed by Master Chen Jin Bao