We are looking for you, Inner door students !
If you have ever had Bai Shi by Master Chen, please contact us!
We have a name list of the first group in 2009, we invite you to continue to join us, let’s reunite and build the Inner door students list in the website!

Here is the first group of Inner Door students that your uncle inducted in 2009 in Kaohsiung.

John Forza (Victoria Australia)
Vicki Katte (Victoria Australia)
Mark Small (N.C. U.S.A)
Graeme Bruce (Victoria Australia)
Salma Causey (GA, U.S.A)
Besufekad (Dennis)Dereje
John Scott (Maryland, USA)
James Ransom (N.Y. U.S.A)
Lynne Boyce (Victoria Australia)
Roy Harding (Victoria Australia)
Karen Jensen (GA, U.S.A)
Hal Mosher (CA, U.S.A)
William Mioch (Victoria Australia)
Brian Bruning (N.Y. U.S.A)
Terry Price (Virginia U.S.A)
Darren Sampson (N.S.W Australia)
Randy Causey (GA, U.S.A)
Dan Djurdjevic (W.A. Australia)
Ron James (Victoria Australia)

我們在尋找你,入室弟子! 假如你曾家在陳大師名下拜師,請與我們聯繫,我們有第一屆2009的名單,我們邀請你繼續加入我們,讓我們團聚並建立入室弟子的名單在網站上。